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Everything starts with the simple decision to change. Once you made the decision to start this journey together, it’s our mission to guide you towards the best version of yourself. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or peak for a specific occasion, everything is possible.

Fitness is a way to create a healthier and happier life. Personal growth and fitness go hand in hand, as working hard on your goals will set the example on other areas in your life.


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We believe in a holistic, 360 degree approach when it comes to coaching, where we focus on training as well as nutrition and mindset. It’s our mission to educate individuals about nutrition, exercising, lifestyle and mindset on the journey to their true potential.

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About Levi

Levi’s fitness journey took off at the age of 18, after he quit competitive boxing due to a shoulder injury. Always hungry for personal growth and results, he started to do research on bodybuilding to maximise his natural potential. This mentality of being creative and hungry to push the body to its limits made him gather a lot of knowledge and experience.

He obtained a Bachelor degree in Sports & Movement with distinction, after which he mastered in Public Health at the University of Ghent. In addition, he attended numerous classes on sports-nutrition, peak performance and health-behaviour.

After years of intense training he competed as a Classic Bodybuilder in the 180+cm division. Years of consistent training, dieting and competing resulted in a lot of practical experience. In combination with the knowledge he gathered throughout his extensive education this makes him the ideal person to help you obtain your health and fitness goals.

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Image Coach Levi - Personal Coaching by Levi Debruyne
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Since you have found us, we are convinced that you already have the right mindset to embark on this journey. When you are ready for positive change, get in touch and let’s get started.


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Coach Levi has helped hundreds of people to get in the best shape of their life, physically as well as mentally. The results are sustainable and the principles learned can be applied for a lifetime.

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Coach Levi designed online programs as a perfect kickstart or plateau breaker, every program is unique and serves a specific purpose. Pick the plan that suits your goals and start getting results.

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